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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

YAY!!! Christmas is just around the corner, are you excited? Even though this year has been anything but normal, it doesn't mean we cannot celebrate and welcome the new year ahead with some cheers and joy. That is why I have organise a surprise for you!

I am super excited to be teaming up with some fantastic companies to give YOU an amazing Christmas Giftaway!

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and for parents, that meant a lot of homeschooling and constantly finding new ways to entertain your kids, which is no easy task! That is why Homebase educational play has been more important than ever!

So for this Christmas Giftaway theme, it is all about Educational Play!

I have teamed up with:

This is the best Giftaway I have hosted so far! Because we are giving away 8 different Christmas Gift bundles! Woohoo! We decided to select 8 different winners instead of just one big winner because we want to share and give more of you some Christmas love!

So here are the Christmas Gift Bundles:

Bundle 1 - A slot for Casita PODS for up to 4 family members (2 children and 2 grown-ups)

Casita PODS (Play-Oriented Discovery Sessions) are designed to bring families together as one community providing opportunities for children to “work” alongside each other and fully engage with their natural environment, whether outdoors or at home.

They believe that giving families a dedicated time and space where bonding and learning can occur will provide children the opportunity to explore and discover, as well as to richly interact with other children of mixed ages. They encourage children from 1 year old and up to join in on the fun and learn from each other.

For more information, please check out Casita PODS.

Bundle 2 - 27 piece Sumblox set from Tree Children's Lodge

Mathematics made Fun! SumBlox is an innovative way to help your child develop their math skills.

Learning to count, add, subtract, multiply, and much more is as simple as stacking building blocks. SumBlox are solid wood stacking number blocks designed to improve numeracy and make learning more accessible, more fun, and more exciting. They encourage both hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills. Smaller sets of SumBlox will introduce individual children to learning with SumBlox and larger sets allow exploration of more complex concepts and further cooperation with other learners. There is endless potential to learn with building blocks, and the freedom to create something beautiful is confined only to your imagination!

The Starter Set is the perfect way to begin using SumBlox at home - 27 SumBlox solid wood educational counting blocks to develop fundamental math skills.

Here is Joshua learning through play. The numbers are all different sizes, the bigger the number, the bigger the size of the blocks. Even at 18 months old, this set is great for your child to get familiar with numbers.

Something to decorate your child's bedroom and something to play with. Bundle gift no.3 includes

a personalised wooden rocketship and astronaut puzzles by Sookie & Bear. Where the winner can pick their initials and colour combinations, and a set of Snowkids Bubble Colour range from Casita. (Green, Purple, Orange)

Messy play is made more fun with Casita's Snowkids Bubble Color range. Paint colors come to life as children can dispense foamy and bubbly paint. Children will enjoy hours of playing with the foamy texture and mixing colors. It is a perfect addition to bath time play. Cleaning up is also made easy as it is easily washable.

Made from safe ingredients that conform to ASTM F963-16 standard. Suitable for ages 2+ with adult supervision.

The Set comes in 3 colors and 3 foam pump dispensers.

If you want to find out more how I use the bubble paint, please check out my Vlog review.

Bundle 4 - 3 months subscription to Happy Baton Premium toy rental

Explore more toys and give your child a multitude of educational play experiences with Happy Baton. Happy Baton is a toy rental company based in Hong Kong, where they curate a subscription toy box for your child's (based on their age and interest) to help them develop their different skills.

Each month, they will send you a new box of toys full of educational toys, where your child can enjoy. The toys are delivered and picked up to your front door, so it really is a no-fuss solution for busy parents. All their toys are sterilized before going out to a new home. (Here is a video of how they sterilize the toys.)

Happy Baton will be gifting a 3 months Premium Toy rental subscription. This means, for the next 3 months, your little one can enjoy 5 new toys plus a premium toy. This includes the Pickler Triangle, the Arch, toy kitchen etc. (You can click on the link above to find out more.)

You can read more about my personal experience with Happy Baton in my review here. (Click on link)

Bundle 5 includes a personalised Mushroom House Puzzle, where the winner can choose their initials and colour combinations, and a set of Casita's SnowKids slime kit, great for those who like a bit of messy play.

Casita's SnowKids slime kit contains all the necessary tools and ingredients that your child needs to create their very own slime. It is made with high-quality ingredients that are safe for children (conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963). Children can create different colors and textures by adjusting the ratio accordingly.

Suitable for ages 3+ with adult supervision. Each set comes with 3 colors (Pink, Blue, Yellow) in 140ml bottles, slime solutionm, and a measuring cup.

If your LO is an avid little reader then this is the perfect gift bundle for them. Bundle 6 includes a set of Emotional intelligence flashcards from Compassion Culture and Big Cities Little Foodie Hong Kong book.

The Big Cities Little Foodie's Hong Kong themed counting book featuring classic Cantonese dishes, including: pineapple buns, wonton noodles, assorted dim sum, and more. Each page includes bilingual captions in English and Traditional Chinese. Their board books are perfect gifts for readers ages 0 - 5.

The bilingual Emotional Intelligence Developmental Kit by Compassion Culture helps your child, develop self-understanding and confidence, cultivate core values and independent thinking, and develop accountability to follow through with goals. Develop empathy and honest communication, leading to more meaningful relationships with you and others. It also focuses on health, self-care, and gratitude to ensure a good balance between physical and mental development

All about colours! Explore and learn about colours through reading and sensory play. Bundle 7 includes Big Cities Little Foodies' Tokyo themed book and Casita's Snowkids spray paint set.

Big Cities Little Foodies' Tokyo themed book on color, featuring classic Japanese dishes, including: yellow tamagoyaki, green matcha ice cream, blue ramune soda, and more. Each page includes bilingual captions in Romaji and Hiragana. Our board books are perfect gifts for readers ages 0-5.

Painting has never been this fun! Casita's Snowkids Color paint range in spray bottles allows children to express their creativity while having fun. Similar to water play, children can just spray away. They can spray on paper or against surfaces like windows, mirrors and even in your bathroom walls and tub.

Made from safe ingredients that conforms to ASTM F963-16 standard. Cleaning up is also made easy as it is easily washable. Suitable for ages 2+ with adult supervision.

Prize includes three 140ml bottles of spray paint in Pink, Blue, and Yellow.

Working on their motor skills - Bundle 8 is all about developing your child's motor skills. Bundle 8 includes a personalised name puzzle from Emily in the Wonderland. Where the winner can customize their own name, colour combination, and style.

The personalised name puzzle is not only good for developing your child's motor skill but their language skills as well. They can learn through play how to spell their name and get familiar with the alphabet. A lovely personalised gift for your little one, where they can keep for years to come.

The Casita's "Monster Dough" is a versatile powder that brings you a whole new, different sensory experience. When mixed with a little water, a small paste-like dough forms. Children can squeeze it but when they release their hands, the dough liquifies. When the powder is mixed with a little paint and water, it can also form into a soft, reusable, moldable clay. As the product is very flexible, the children can use this to experiment. It will help improve their fine motor abilities and also helps introduce basic science and math concepts as they learn about measuring, mixing, and understanding cause and effect reactions.

Suitable for ages 3+ with adult supervision. Available in 500g.

Aren't these gift bundles amazing? Give your little one an extra special Christmas this year to celebrate the new year ahead!

Here is how you can enter:

  1. LIKE & SAVE my GIFTAWAY post on Instagram. (Will be posted on 9th December 2020)

  2. FOLLOW ME, @mummy_diaryhk, and all the companies mentioned above. (We will check)

  3. Let us know which bundle you would like to win.

  4. SHARE the love and TAG A FRIEND who would also like a chance to win. (Every tag counts as an extra entry. Shop accounts do not count.)

That's it! It is that easy!

If you want to increase your chances of winning, here is how to get extra entries:

  • For an EXTRA 10 entries - SHARE this post in your STORY and TAG me, so I can check.

  • For an EXTRA 10 entries - SIGN UP to my newsletter on, so I can let you know when the next Giveaway will be. (You can find the signup form in the in the contact me page or homepage.)

  • For an EXTRA 10 entries - LIKE & FOLLOW my Facebook page (@mummydiaryhk)


Giftaway ends at 11 pm HKT, 11th December 2020

Winner announced 14th December 2020

Not affiliated with Instagram

This Giftaway is for Hong Kong residents only.


The winners will be selected at random via a name generator, so the more people you tag, the higher chance of winning. So start tagging!

Good Luck!

I hope you like this Big Christmas Giftaway. I have put in a lot of thoughts and effort into this, as I do want to give something back to you, my readers and followers for all your support. If you want me to do more of these group giftaways, please let me know so I do more in the future.

Sending you love, positive thoughts, and lots of Christmas cheers!

Christine xxx

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