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Hi!  My name is Christine, and welcome to Mummy Diary HK.  


Mummy Diary HK is a platform where I share my honest motherhood journey, from personal stories to useful information and reviews. I started my blogging journey when I was pregnant with Joshua, where I shared my struggles of conceiving, miscarriage, pregnancy to birth. Thanks to all the support and positive feedback from my first blog post, "My Story - Why I want to start Mummy Diary", it gave me the courage to keep going and continue writing, but most of all, to always stay honest and truthful in all my blog posts.  


No matter if I am writing about my personal experience or reviews (especially reviews) I promise to always stay truthful. This is one promise I will make to you, my readers. It is my way to show my appreciation for reading my blog and following my motherhood journey.  





I love blogging because of the connection I make with other mothers. I love it when people message me, share their experience,

or tells me that my blog post made them feel less alone in their motherhood journey. It really does make my day.  


Motherhood can be a very lonely journey, even though you are never alone. So it is nice to connect with other mothers and share our experiences. Knowing when you are up multiple times at night, you are not alone. Or the fact that you feel overwhelmed and have no idea what you are doing, you are not alone. Our experiences might not be exactly the same, but we are all on the same boat, and it is nice to know that you have others going through the same journey as you.


Blogging was something I never thought I would enjoy, let alone love doing. I am dyslexic, so writing for fun was never something I thought about doing, especially when English was my least favorite subject growing up. However, I found blogging a great way to share and document my experience. Even though I may not be the best writer and I do make mistakes, I found my voice and truly accepted myself for who I am - the good, the bad, and the ugly. My blog is raw and authentic; through feedbacks, that is also why people like reading it. I am not perfect, just like you, I am just a mother trying to do her best, balancing her time between being a mother, a wife, a daughter, having a work-life balance, and not losing myself in the process.    



If I have to sum myself up in 5 words, they will have to be:


Optimist, Genuine, Creative, Spiritual and Multicultural


As humans, we are of course, a lot more dynamic than that. But in the modern world,

where everyone likes to put people in boxes and categories for easy association, these are the 5 boxes I would put myself in.  


I am an Optimist


I am a happy go lucky person, and I always try to see the silver lining in life. I do have bad moods,

but I try not to let them ruin my day. I am easily pleased, and the simplest thing can brighten up my day.  


I am Genuine


I hate lying, so I try to be as transparent as I can. Of course, I still want my privacy, but I am very open with topics

that I am comfortable sharing. Talking about transparency, if you want to know how I keep my reviews truthful and genuine,

please check out my terms when working with brands.  


I am Creative


 Coming from a design background, I am creative and love crafting. I am a freelance designer, and I love making DIY toys for Joshua.  

I am Spiritual

 Spirituality has always interested me, but it has only been these last couple of years that it has been a big part of my life.

I am a big crystal lover, and I want to learn more about reiki, meditation, and the more holistic side of life.

After giving birth to my second, and when things are more settled, I will love to learn reiki and become a practitioner.  


I am Multicultural


 Born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong and the UK, I am a mixture of different cultures. Like many in my generation,

I am influenced by Western and Asian cultures; we are children born into two different worlds, mixed into one. We are Asian Expats/竹星.  


My perspective is neither Western nor Asian, but instead taking influences and the best out of both cultures.


I love practicality (Asian) but without neglecting style and beauty (Western).

I love the convenience (Asian) but will also think about social responsibility (Western).

I am very honest and direct (Asian), but I will also consider other's feelings (Western).


All these you will find in my style of writing in my blog,

where I will give my unique perspective and experience towards motherhood.





Parents - if you are a parent, this blog is for you. At first, I thought this blog would only interest mothers, but recently I have noticed it has been beneficial to fathers too.  (Surprisingly, I do have fathers or father-to-bes who message me and ask me questions. Which I think is great!)


I learnt so much during my motherhood journey, and I would like to share this with you. I want my blog to be fun, non-judgmental and useful. That is why I want to share my experience with you via personal stories and reviews. I am constantly finding new ways to make it more helpful for my readers, as I appreciate you spending your precious time reading my blog. I want this to be educational, useful, and a place where we can connect. So if you ever have any feedback, please reach out to me, as I would love to hear from you.

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