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The journey of my motherhood blogging began when I was pregnant with my eldest son, Joshua. I found solace in sharing my heartfelt experiences of conceiving, navigating through miscarriages, embracing pregnancy, and ultimately celebrating the miracle of birth. The response to my first blog post, "My Story - Why I want to start Mummy Diary," overwhelmed me with love and encouragement, giving me the courage to persist and continue writing.


What started as a simple hobby soon blossomed into a full-fledged career as a content creator. As I poured my heart and soul into crafting valuable and relatable content, I witnessed the incredible growth of a supportive community around me. Fellow mothers connected with my narratives, forming bonds that transcended borders and brought us together in this beautiful journey of parenthood.

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To foster a supportive and inclusive motherhood community

that nurtures mothers holistically - body, mind, and soul.


Introducing "Real Mum Real Talk" and "Momtourage"

- two platforms designed to bring mothers together

and facilitate peer-to-peer experience sharing.

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Real Mum Real Talk is your go-to

destination for authentic and relatable motherhood stories. It's a collection of real-life experiences shared by fellow moms. We believe that by learning from each other's journeys, we can foster understanding, compassion, and a sense of togetherness.

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Momtourage is a unique and safe space

for mums to come together and reconnect with themselves, rekindling their identity prior to motherhood. These events are led by mental health and motherhood expert - Sharanya V, who provides invaluable resources, fostering a community that prioritises holistic well-being.

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I am a happy go lucky person,

and I always try to see the silver lining

in life. I do have bad moods,

but I try not to let them ruin my day.

I am easily pleased, and enjoy the

small things in life.


I studied in Central Saint Martins,

and have a degree in Fashion Design.

Even though I am no longer in fashion,

I used my creativity for my content

and creative DIYs for my kids.


Spirituality has become a big part

of my life. I am a big crystal lover,

and reiki changed my life.

I am a firm believer that in order

to obtain true happiness, you must

look after yourself holistically
- mind, body and soul.

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Raised in Hong Kong and the UK,

I am a mixture of different cultures.

I am influenced by Western and Asian cultures. My perspective is neither

Western nor Asian, but instead

taking influences and the best

out of both cultures.


I am a massive foodie, so even though my blog and content is not all about food, there will always be some food content in there, as I simply love to eat.


I always try to put myself in others

shoes and see both sides of the story.

I believe through compassion and empathy we can reduce a

lot of conflict in the world.

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