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Learning through Messy Play with Casita's SnowKids Bubble & Spray Paint

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Are you a fan of messy play? I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan simply because I don't enjoy cleaning up afterward. LOL (Yes, lazy mummy) But I do know that messy play is very beneficial for a child's development, so I have been getting better at it.

Many studies have shown that messy play is one of the best ways for our children to learn and develop their skills. Here are the benefits of Messy Play:

  1. Fosters Curiosity, Imagination, and Exploration

  2. Encourages Communication and Language Development

  3. Practices Good Concentration and Nurtures Future Skills

  4. Promotes Physical Development

  5. Supports the Ability to Play Independently

You can read more about it in this Schoolhouse blog post. (Click on link)

SnowKids - Messy Play that is easy to clean up

As I mentioned above, I am not a big fan of cleaning up, so when it comes to messy play, I am always looking out for tools and activities that involve a minimal amount of cleaning up after. That is why I really enjoyed the Casita's Snowkids collection.

Casita gifted me one Snowkids bubble and spray paint for Joshua to try. And I have to say, they are great training for both mummy and Joshua. LOL Joshua is like me, he is also not the biggest fan of messy play, and I have been trying to train him to get better at it. I will say he is even worse than me, as my husband has OCPD (Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder), and I see a lot of my husband in Joshua.

When I do messy play with Joshua, sometimes he freezes and doesn't know what to do when he has paint on his hands. It is great that my kid loves to be clean, but I also don't want him to freeze and panic the minute he gets dirty either.

That is why these Snowkids' paint are great, because they are messy play, but not so messy that Joshua cannot handle it. To use the bubble and spray paint, all you have to do is push or spray the paint out from the bottle. So your child can experience messy play without having to get their hands super dirty right from the start.

With Joshua, I normally just encourage him to push or spray the bottle to see the paint coming out. Which he enjoys, he likes watching the paper change colour and finds it fascinating when the paint comes out. After he got all the paint onto the paper, then I encourage him to play with the foam with his hands so he can feel the texture. Sometimes, I even put my hand into the foam paint and play with him so he won't be scared about getting dirty. After all, children always want to do what mummy and daddy do, so it is a good activity to play with your child. (Also very good bonding time.)

The best part is, the Snowkids bubble and spray paints are very easy to clean up. I use a tray and a plastic table cloth on the floor, so all I have to do is take them into the bathroom after and rinse everything out. For those who want even less cleaning up, you can use the spray and the bubble paint in the bathtub or shower, so all you have to do is turn on the shower after and rinse everything off.

Using the Snowkids Bubble and Spray paint for some Arts and Craft

You can get creative and use the Bubble and Spray paint to do some arts and crafts with your little one. Depending on the age of your child, there are many things you can do with them. As Joshua is still young, here is a video of some simple craft ideas that I do with Joshua.

Why I like the Snowkids Bubble and Spray paint

  • A great sensory experience where it simulates your children visual and touch skills.

  • I sport cast what we are doing during messy play, so he can improve his language skills at the same time.

  • The spray bottles are a great way to develop their motor skills too. Joshua doesn’t know how to squeeze the handle to spray the paint yet, so it was good practice for him to try.

  • These SnowKids spray and bubble paint comes in various colours, so you kids can mix the colours and see how the colour blends and merge together.

  • A great tool to create some beautiful artwork.

If you like these SnowKids paints, stay tuned for my upcoming BIG CHRISTMAS GIFTAWAY. (Going live on Wednesday, 9th December at 9pm). This is going to be a good one, so DON’T MISS OUT!

Sending you Love & Positive Thoughts,

Christine xxx

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