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Thanks for submitting!

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Thank you for your interest in working with me.

I always love working with brands and trying out new products.

Please fill out the contact form above, and I will get back to you.

As you will notice, most of my reviews are positive, but they are all 100% truthful. The reason why is because I only write reviews on products and services that work for my family and me.   


I believe in writing genuine reviews only; that is also what my readers value. Everything I review, I have tried it out myself, and they are all products andservices that I would recommend to my friends and use myself.


For products and services that didn't work for us, I chose not to write

about them. Just because a product and service did not work for us,

does not mean it won't work for others or is a bad product. I respect and understand that running a business is not easy, so I want to be fair to the companies that have approached me for collaborations.


The only time I will write a bad review is if the product is

harmful or the company is a scam.  

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I believe in giving 100% to my work.  I will always do the best of

my abilities and knowledge to get the best results.  


I believe in mutual respect when working together.

I respect all the hard work you have put in to launch your product and brand, so I also expect the same appreciation for my time spent doing my blog.  


Running a blog takes commitment, time, and effort.

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It is not just about taking pretty photos or selfies and posting on social media.  I am continually researching and trying out new ways to improve my reach and gaining more exposure for my blog and brands that I work with.  

I have built genuine relationships and connections with my readers,

some of whom I have met and became friends,

and the rest I would love to meet one day.



Please drop me a message and

tell me more about your brand and product. What you would like to achieve and your expectations.


To provide authentic reviews, I always test the products/services beforehand. If I'm satisfied, I proceed with writing the blog post and sending an invoice. If not, no payment is required; I'll express gratitude for your products and understanding.


Draft will be sent before posting to ensure all the information are correct, and the review is fair.

Please note payment must

be paid before posting.

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"Hi Christine, Just a quick note to say thank you for putting such amazing work into our Christmas Giveaway.  For coming up with some great ideas to writing captions and getting the whole thing into motion.  All that while preparing for your first Christmas with Joshua and travelling on a first long haul.  You are a legend and real boss mum!  Thanks again and Merry Christmas."



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