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Thank you for your interest in working with me. I always love working with brands and trying out new products.  


My Reviews


As you will notice, most of my reviews are positive, but they are all 100% truthful. The reason why is because I only write reviews on products and services that work for my family and me.   


I believe in writing genuine reviews only; that is also what my readers value. Everything I review, I have tried it out myself, and they are all products and services that I would recommend to my friends and use myself.  


For products and services that didn't work for us, I chose not to write about them. Just because a product and service did not work for us, does not mean it won't work for others or is a bad product. I respect and understand that running a business is not easy, so I want to be fair to the companies that have approached me for collaborations.


The only time I will write a bad review is if the product is harmful or the company is a scam.  


I believe in giving 100% to my work.  I will always do the best of my abilities and knowledge to get the best results.  


I believe in mutual respect when working together.  I respect all the hard work you have put in to launch your product and brand, so I also expect the same appreciation for my time spent doing my blog.  


Running a blog takes commitment, time, and effort.  It is not just about taking pretty photos or selfies and posting on social media.  I am continually researching and trying out new ways to improve my reach and gaining more exposure for my blog and brands that I work with.  I have built genuine relationships and connections with my readers, some of whom I have met and became friends, and the rest I would love to meet one day.  


I spend a lot of time taking my photos and videos, editing, and writing my captions and blog posts, to ensure that it is visually appealing and captivating for your readers.  




If you are interested in working together., please drop me a message. Tell me about your brand, and we can discuss the best way to work together.​



In order to write genuine reviews, I always try out the products and services first. 

If I like the product or services, I will work on the blog post, posting schedule, and send you an invoice.

If the product or services did not work for me, no payment needs to be made. I would thank you for your products and your understanding and respect.



I will send you a draft for your review before posting to ensure all the information is correct, and the review is fair. 

Please note payment must be paid before posting. 


Thanks for submitting!

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"Hi Christine, Just a quick note to say thank you for putting such amazing work into our Christmas Giveaway.  For coming up with some great ideas to writing captions and getting the whole thing into motion.  All that while preparing for your first Christmas with Joshua and travelling on a first long haul.  You are a legend and real boss mum!  Thanks again and Merry Christmas."



“Hey Christine, I wanna take this chance to say thank you for doing what you do, for sharing your personal life, talking openly and honestly about parenting, which no doubt helps other more than you could know.

I remember the day I accidentally found your Instagram while I was still heavily pregnant with Ethan.  Realising Joshua is only a few months older and I quickly became one of those crazy moms who'd check when's your next update.  (To see what to expect next. LOL!)  Now that our kids have entered toddlerhood, I just love how we share information.  I love your honesty and easy-going personality, you really give out so much information when I DM a simple question!  Need I search no further haha!  It became a habit for me to read your blogs like I scroll on Facebook to catch up on with a friend.  

I don't normally read blogs but I somehow find a connection between you and I (obviously coz we have a son!)  but chatting with you made me realise sometimes when I'm going through crazy mom mode, I'm not alone!

You're such a kind soul, thank you for opening up your motherhood journey online and being a great companion for so many other mothers out there.

Thank you Mama"



" Christine from Mummy_diaryhk has been a real pleasure to work with.

She is professional, friendly and communicates efficiently and clearly.

We sent her son a Happy Baton Toy Box and sought her feedback.

She wrote a comprehensive blog post and took beautiful natural photos of her son playing with our rented toys. She took time to research and read up details on our website to share with her followers. It was a delightful and informative read and was much appreciated. 

Her posts on Instagram Stories and account are relatable, personal and organic. It's been lovely to partner with Christine and we hope to work with her again in the future. "



It’s a joy to have the Christmas photoshoot with Christine!

Right after her sharing the posts and IG stories, we have gains in followers and immediate inquiries on photoshoots and bookings!

The communication is clear and easy to follow from start to finish,

Christine is very thoughtful in the post write-ups and that she sees every detail from our side and other vendors! It’s touching to look through

and amazing to do it together with cute baby Joshua!

I feel honoured to narrate the love journey with Christine and baby Joshua together. Looking forward to seeing your lovely family again! xx



I would like you to know that we are very happy

and satisfied to collaborate with you.

Firstly, I really appreciated your writing about our products.

You have made me discover new insights about my products.

Also, thank you very much for your kindness, for mentioning us on multiple occasions, more than we have been planed.  

We are very thankful to you, wish you and your family safe and sound there.



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