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Cheeky Chompers Giveaway!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

As Joshua gets older, I found that he is more interested in throwing his teethers than using them. So he ends up biting everything else, such as the playpen, me, or anything he can get his hands on.  

That is why I LOVE the Neckerchew by Cheeky Chompers. This reversible three-layer bib is super absorbent, with a teether attached, which is such a genius idea. Unlike other teethers, this one attaches to Joshua, and he doesn't pull it off.  (Which is amazing, as he wants to pull off all the other bibs we put on him.)  I am not sure whether he finds this more comfortable or knows there is a teether attached to it, but he doesn't mind having this bib on. When he was younger, pacifier holders worked really well, but now that he is older and stronger, he just pulls them right off, which isn't great, especially when we do go out. That is why now, I only use the Neckerchew. I know it will stay on, it catches all his drool, and thanks to their wide range of colours and prints, it goes well with his outfits too.  

The other product that I have tried from Cheeky Chompers is the ComfortChew. I think this product would work well for younger kids or kids who love a comforter. Joshua isn't too bothered about comforters. He throws them out of his playpen like all his other toys, even when I put the elastic link on his wrist. I tried this product when Joshua was around 11 months old, so he was old enough to figure out how to get the Comfortchew off his wrist without assistance.  

I tried putting different comforters with him when he slept when he was younger, but he never got attached. He still uses the ComfortChew, he plays with the ribbons, bites it, and throws it, but he much prefers the Neckerchew. Every baby is different, and they all have different preferences. It is all about trial and error I find. That is why Cheeky Chompers have various products to suit different babies.

I will definitely try the Comfort Chew when baby number 2 comes along because I do think it is a good product. Maybe this baby will like comforters, who knows, but I will keep you posted.  

Cheeky Chompers products are available in the following stores in Hong Kong: HKTV mall, Baby Power Shop, PNS Plus and

The Giveaway

When I find good products, I love to share them with you. As a continuation of celebrating my 6K milestone, I have teamed up with Cheeky Chumpers to Gift one of you a Neckerchew and a Comfortchew to try.  

Here is how to enter:

  1. Like my Instagram post.

  2. Follow me @mummy_diaryhk and @cheekychompers on Instagram.

  3. Tag a friend who would also like a chance to win. (Every tag counts as an extra entry.)

That's it.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, here is how to get extra entries:

  1. Follow Mummy Diary HK on Facebook.

  2. Subscribe to my blog so you can stay up to date with my newest blog post and giveaways. (Don't worry I promise I won't spam.)  

Giveaway ends on 14th August 2020, and the winner will be announced on 17th August 2020. This giveaway is open to Hong Kong Residents only. Good luck!

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx

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