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Mother Day Give Away!

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

This mother's day is extra special to me because this year I become a mum! I now know why Mother's day should be a big deal! As a woman, you do go through a lot to become a mother. First, you have to get pregnant (some might be luckier than others), then you have to go through the pregnancy (which is very uncomfortable), and finally, you have the birth which is a painful experience no matter if you go through C-section or natural. ) However, I know all this is worth it because I want this child more than anything in the world and I cannot wait to meet him.

To mark this special Mother's day I am organizing a special Give Away to all you mummies out there because you deserve it. I have collaborated with a lovely jewelry brand Oolive, which specialised in precious natural gemstone & handcrafted necklaces.

Why Oolive?

Oolive is one of my clients, I designed their logo and their packaging, and through this journey, I got to know the brand's founder, Antoinette and quickly fell in love with her brand story and what it stood for.

I love a brand with passion and meaning, and to top it off it is a women-centric brand designed by women for women. (#girlpower #girlboss) It is a brand that understands women, that is personal and brings out the beauty of jewelry in a simple yet feminine way.

A bit more about Oolive

Oolive is a French boutique jewelry brand, where each piece is handcrafted with artisanal savoir-faire and tells its gem’s unique legendary story. Their brand's philosophy is to re-think the way we approach fine jewelry and to make it more approachable and meaningful.

Approachable: Even though each necklace is made of out of precious materials and beautifully crafted by artisans, they are effortlessly stylish and suitable for everyday wear.

Meaningful: Each of their collections and gems tells a legendary story. Each gem is unique and has its own special meaning according to its gems birth month, symbolic or significance.

Oolive Promise: An Oolive piece is an emotional connection with its beauty, preciousness and its story. Oolive sets to enhance the consumer jewelry experience by reconnecting consumers to simplicity, natural beauty, and past jewelry traditions; while gives-back to empower women in need.

Why Birthstones

In the XV century, ancient civilisations treasured birthstones, a jewelry concept that associates a unique, rare, and precious gem to each month of the year. Under this tradition, people wore birthstones to experience the power of their birth month gems, as legend has it, the gemstone radiates its magical powers to the wearer. Some wore it to mark meaningful life’s events from a specific month (like marriage and birth) or just because of the gem’s significance and spiritual meaning.

In certain societies, birthstones were worn each month by everyone, to heighten the powers of the gem in their respective months. Throughout history, gemstones have long fascinated humanity and inspired myths and stories with their symbolic sense and unique nature. From biblical times, people have used it as decorative and personal ornaments, religious symbols, amulets, lucky charms, and also for medical purposes.

Oolive revives this concept to preserve its heritage and offer you a more authentic, meaningful and personalised piece.

Oolive’s gems selection includes the twelve most iconic gems over history while reviving the XV century’s legendary “BirthStone” concept, which associates a specific gem to each month.

Here is the meaning behind each gemstone in the "Mon Histoire” collection:

Garnet (January, Friendship and Trust); Amethyst (February, Wisdom and Spirituality); Aquamarine (March, Serenity), White Topaz (April, Love); Emerald (May, Good Fortune); Moonstone (June, Feminity); Ruby (July, Wealth), Peridot (August, Vitality); Sapphire (September, Wisdom), Pink Tourmaline (October, Friendship and Harmony), Citrine (November, Success); Blue Topaz (December, Love and Contentment).

Why I love Oolive

Not only do I have a special relationship with the brand, but I love dainty precious jewelry that I can wear every day and goes with everything (adding a hint of sparkle to your everyday style). I genuinely believe that each gemstone and crystal have their meaning and healing properties. I find that I am more drawn to specific crystals at different times depending on my needs.

I also love a brand that gives back to society; 10 % of each purchase goes toward a social project that empowers women, making each purchase more meaningful and fulfilling.

How to Enter the Giveaway

We will be giving away a precious and beautifully handcrafted "Mon Historie" Birthstone Necklace of your choice! (Retail value up to HK$820 - 920)

For a chance to win, it is as easy as 1,2,3:

1. Like this picture.

2. Follow us on Instagram @mummydiaryhk and @oolivejewelry.

3. Tag two friends who would love a birthstone necklace, and tell us which month have a special meaning to you.

We will choose the winner based on your answers! The most original and meaningful answer will be the winner.

Winner will be announced on Mother's Day, 12th May! Good luck!

Sending you love and positive thoughts



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