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Want to know where to buy stylish & chic Maternity Wear that D​oesn't​ Break the Bank?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to be, you are super excited about the new addition to the family, and it is time for a brand new wardrobe. Even though every woman loves a bit of shopping, with the arrival of your bundle of joy, there will be a lot of expenses coming your way. So here are some stylish and chic maternity shops that don’t break the bank.


Uniqlo – If you want to go for good basics such as your maternity leggings, jeggings, and underwear, I find Uniqlo’s selection super comfortable. Definitely, the most comfortable ones I have bought so far, I pretty much live in them.

Price Range: HKD $59 – 99

Asos – From your basic Tees to your maternity jeans, ASOS got the lot. It is cheap and cheerful and will last you through your first pregnancy. You might not be able to keep them for your second pregnancy though, as after many washes the materials do start to bubble.

Price Range: HKD $60 - $300

NextA good range of basic jersey dresses and tops, you really get your value for money from Next. For HKD$101, you get two basic ribbed T-shirts and for HKD$121 you can buy a simple T-shirt dress, which is great to wear around the house or everyday wear. For those who love a jumpsuit, they have a good selection here too, and all styles are under HKD$250.

Price Range: HKD $60 - $300

H&M – Love them or hate them, H&M does have a huge collection for maternity. However, do not expect to find them in stores. H&M maternity is really only available online. The only stores that stock Maternity is the one in Festival Walk and Canton Road in TST. Even then they only have 3 racks of maternity wear max so I won’t even waste your time making a trip to try them on. Best just to order them, try them on at home and return them if they do not fit.

Price Range: HKD $100 - $300

Bae - An Aussie brand which sells stylish and modern basics with a fashionable twist. I love this brand because it is not fussy but still have style. They play around with layering different items on top of each other to create different looks, and their colours are easy to wear. They don't have a vast collection, but what they have are great.

I found their sizing on the bigger side, so even when I am at my biggest, for the tops I was still wearing S and M for bottoms.

Price Range: HKD $200 – $600 (Not including shipping)


Mayarya – They have a good range of work appropriate maternity tops and dresses. What I love about them is that you can wear them from maternity to nursing giving you more bang for the buck. Their website will also show you what the garments will look like with and without the bump giving you a better idea on how they will look on you.

Price Range: HKD $200 – 1000

Destination Maternity – If you love simple and elegant work dresses, Destination Maternity is for you. Their simple silhouettes and block colours make them great staple pieces in your wardrobe for the next 10 months. You can dress them up or down for different occasions.

Price Range: HKD $200 – 500

Maive & Bo – An Aussie brand that offers cute shirt dresses and over the bump pencil skirts. They don’t have a vast collection, but what they do offer are super cute.

Price Range: HKD $200 – 400


Pink Blush – They have a huge collection of maternity wear with lots of colour choices. You can spend hours browsing through their online store; what I love about their website is the way they filter their categories, making it very easy for you to find styles for different occasions.

The only thing to look out for is their shipping cost. The more you buy, the most expensive the shipping cost will be, as they do it by weight.

Price Range: HKD $300 – 500

Asos – Good old ASOS, with a wide range to choose from, affordable prices, free shipping and return, it is hard not to love ASOS. Even though their quality might not be as good as some of the other brands, they do offer a young and trendy collection.

Price Range: HKD $100 – 800

Amazon - A great place to shop for multiple brands, colours and sizes, all on one website. They are especially good for those who like more body-con maternity dresses. Just make sure the seller ships to Hong Kong when are browsing. Even though they do offer a full refund if the item doesn't fit, it is best to measure yourself properly before buying, as it is still a hassle to go and return the items in the post office, and postage can be expensive as you are returning them to the USA.


Pink Blush – From cocktail dresses, to evening gowns Pink Blush’s wide range of dresses is bound to tickle your fancy. I love the fact they even have full on sequins maternity gowns for those who have wants to bring a bit of bling to their evening look.

Price Range: HKD $400 – $950 (Not including shipping)

Asos - If you have an occasion to go to during pregnancy, but you don't want to spend a fortune on an evening dress, Asos is a good option. I am all about investing in a beautiful piece of evening wear, but when it comes to maternity, I am quite happy to go with the high street, unless you are planning to get pregnant a few times.

Price Range: HKD $400 – $1100


If you want to treat yourself to some high-end maternity wear, here are some brands that I love.

Seraphine - A brand even Kate Middleton loves. Seraphine is classic and sophisticated, great for those who like something that looks feminine and smart. They use luxury fabrics, and their cuts are great, but that also comes with a more expensive price tag. It is okay to spoil yourself a little though with a beautiful dress or two during pregnancy. It is a tough time after all.

Price Range: HKD $500 – $2500 (not including postage)

A Pea in the Pod - From everyday basics to occasional wear, A Pea in the Pod have got a lovely collection from various brands for you to choose from. I do love their selection, and I was lucky enough that my friend passed me some of their maternity wear from them. There are just a few pieces that I love and wear them all the time. Definitely worth checking them out and buying some pieces during their sale.

Price Range: HKD $350 – $2000 (not including postage)

I am sure there are many more out there, but these are my top choices and the ones I shop and wear. Where do you shop during your pregnancy and which are your favourite brands?

Sending you love and positive thoughts,

Christine xxx

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