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Updated Hospital Bag Checklist - Covid Edition

Since my last hospital bag checklist post, a lot has changed, so I have decided to create an updated Hospital Bag Checklist (Covid Edition).

Thanks to the mums in my mummy group chat, I have been able to create a much more thorough Hospital checklist - this time for both Public and Private Hospitals. From the information I have gathered, it seems that for public hospital hospitals, the checklist is pretty much the same no matter which public hospital you are checked in. However, with Private hospitals, it seems that it varies drastically depending on which hospital you are going to and what package you have joined. So for the Private hospital checklist, it is based on my experience with Baptist Hospital. If you are going to a private hospital, it is best that you check with them what they will and will not provide.

Public Hospital Bag Checklist

This checklist is based on all the information I have gathered from my mummy group chats. Public Hospital provides you with the bare minimum, even when you run out of certain things, such as absorptive underpads. They expect your family member to buy it for you and drop it at the door for you to pick up. (Even during this Covid situation.) So it is best to bring enough and be prepared.

Here is the downloadable version.

Public Hospital Hospital Bag Checklist L
Download • 102KB

You can source most of the stuff from Mannings, Watsons, HKTV mall, and shops such as BabyHK. If you don't want the fuss of sourcing all the different items individually, there are shops that sell a prepacked hospital bag with everything that you will need. Prices range from $150 - $400, depending on what is included in them and the brand. They are available in Aeon, or hospital and antenatal clinics.

I know for some hospitals, such as Queen Elizabeth Hospital, most of the Personal things on the list can be bought at the hospital shop downstairs. (Near 7Eleven and Pacific Coffee) So if you do run out, your family can help you get more easily.

Additional Tip - The locker or cabinet next to your bed is small. So best to bring a soft duffle bag rather than a wheely suitcase, as it might not fit in the cabinet.

Private Hospital Bag Checklist

As I mentioned above, for Private Hospitals, what they provide varies depending on the hospital you are checking into. So call them to double-check what you will need to bring yourself. This is a checklist based on my own experience at Baptist Hospital.

Here is the downloadable version.

Private Hospital Hospital Bag Checklist
Download • 101KB

Additional Tip

At Baptist Hospital, they provide you with a small shoulder pouch, which you can put your important personal belongings with you when you go feed the baby in the nursing room. I found the very helpful, as I just put my phone, my locker key, nipple wipes, hand sanitizer, etc so I always have them handy.

I hope this updated Hospital Checklist has been useful. Please do stay updated on the latest Covid precaution before you check into the hospital as the rules are constantly changing. Good luck and I hope you have safe and smooth delivery.

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx

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