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So Close Yet So Far - The Ultimate Third Trimester Survival Kit

Congratulations you are in your third trimester, and you are at your last stretch of pregnancy! Hurray!

I had contradicting feeling during my last trimester, part of me wants the baby to stay in as long as possible to ensure he is developing and growing as much as possible, another side of me is just so ready for the baby to be out as it is getting uncomfortable. (I am sure many mummies out there can relate.).

How I felt during the third trimester

I was hit with a truckload of third-trimester hormones. It was an undeniable transition between my second and third trimester. From a happy-clappy person to someone who is snappy and easily iterated. My pregnancy hormones were off the charts! From laughing so much that I began to cry, to crying for no apparent reason. My patience level was at an all-time low, where I simply don't have the mental capacity to deal with any external dramas. I think it has a lot to do with exhaustion, as I wasn't sleeping through the night, and I was hot and uncomfortable ALL THE TIME. The only good part during the third trimester was that I was owning my pregnancy, and I was Sassy as ever.

I still remember during my first trimester, I was this timid little thing where I will never speak up and ask someone to give up their seat for me in the MTR. (Granted during that time I haven't told anyone I was pregnant yet, and I was barely showing.) During the second trimester, it was apparent that I was pregnant, but most people are either too busy on their phone or simply don't care and don't give up their seat for me. I use to get really annoyed about it but still won't say anything about it. However, once the thirst trimester hit, I was completely owning it. If people are on their phone and don't see me, or simply being a jerk and don't offer me their seat, I will just tap on their shoulder and ask them to. I think I was so uncomfortable and cumbersome by then, I don't care if they think I am being bossy, but I definitely know I needed that seat more than them.

Survival Tips

Even though being uncomfortable during the third trimester is just part of pregnancy there are a few things that you can get or do to make this last part of pregnancy more bearable, and here are some things I would highly recommend getting.

Things To Get

Mini Electric Fan

This might seem like a strange one, but if you are pregnant in the height of Summer (Especially in Asia), this is a lifesaver!!!! I was so hot during my third trimester, I felt like I was radiating heat all the time, and the only time I feel like I am not burning up is when I am sat naked in front of the AC. Obviously, you cannot run around town butt naked, so the next best thing is carrying a small electric fan with you when you are out. At least you can cool yourself as much as possible when you are out and about.

Magnesium tablets

Not all woman have leg cramps during their third trimester; unfortunately, I did, and most of the time it is during the middle of the night as well. Making it impossible to have a good night sleep. Some nights it gets so bad that I have to wake my husband up to help me stretch it out. However, after I have taken extra Magnesium tablets, it was a lot better. Even though there is already Magnesium in my prenatal multivitamins, it just wasn't enough.

Pregnancy cradle

My baby didn't like this, but I know a lot of my mummy friends loves this. It is just extra support to hold up your baby bump, so it takes some pressure off your back. For some odd reason every time I wore it, the baby felt very uncomfortable and will move around a lot which in turn makes me feel very painful. So I didn't actually use it.

Pregnancy Pillow

If you haven't got it during the first trimester, this is essential during the third. Sleeping is hard enough as it is during the third trimester, the pregnancy pillow is just that little extra bit of comfort you need to help you sleep better.

Compression Stockings

I know they are not stylish or the most attractive things in the world but if you don't want swollen legs, then get yourself a pair of compression stockings or leggings. There were times during my third trimester that I just feel a rush of blood going down my leg and I will feel super swollen afterward. Once I put on the compression stockings, I can feel it quickly go away. I sometimes sleep with it if I didn't find it too uncomfortable and that also really helps.

Things To Do

Stretch Before Going To Bed

Another tip for those who get leg cramps during the third trimester. I found that doing stretches before going to bed also helps with the cramps. Even if I do get them, they are minor, and I can quickly get rid of them myself by flexing my feet.

Take Plenty of Rest

If you are tired, just rest. I know most women try to push their maternity leave as late as possible, so they have more time off after the baby is born. But whether you are like me who works from home or in an office, if you are too tired and need a sit-down, just do it. If you are pushing yourself too hard, you will feel worse later on.

Carry Water and Snacks with You

I found during the third trimester I am always hungry, and sometimes it just hits me out of no where! I would be fine one moment and starving the next. So carrying snacks and water around with me really helps as well. At least I won't get super hangry and buys me more time to find food.

Eat Often and Little

Even though I get hungry a lot of the time, you also don't want to overeat. Your stomach is already being squashed, and sometimes when I overeat, I feel super uncomfortable afterward. So it is actually much better to eat often but smaller portions, even though it is more annoying as you feel like you are always just trying to find food.

Ask For Help

One of the hardest things I found during the third trimester was that I wasn't able to do a lot of things that I usually am very capable of. Simple tasks such as bending down suddenly feel hard and sometimes I do feel pathetic. However, there is no shame in asking for help when you need it. You are growing and carrying a little human inside of you at the end of the day. So if you need help, it is important to feel ok to ask for it.

Do What You Want, and Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

It is important to remember that this will be the last month when it is just you. After the baby is born, it will be a lot harder to get some "me time" unless you have help. So if you just want to read a book, or be a couch potato in front of the TV, just do it! Because after your little bundle of joy is born, you will have less "me time". So just enjoy this time to do what you want and if anyone tries to make you feel bad about it. Just ignore them or tell to piss off.

I hope you found this blog post useful, and my experience will help you through your last trimester.

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx

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