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Review: Beautiful Moments with Iris Cheung Photography

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If you haven't tried Fine Art Lifestyle Photography, I would highly recommend it for your next family photoshoot.

For Jasper's 100 days, we did a photoshoot with Iris Cheung Photography to mark this special milestone. I love family shoots, as I feel they are the best way to capture and preserve precious fleeting moments. Babies grow in a blink of an eye, so I want to cherish and capture every moment with them.

What I loved most about Iris Cheung Photography

It was a pleasure working with Iris. I love her professionalism and attention to detail. Out of all the shoots that I have done, she is the only photographer who scheduled a call to go through what we want to achieve during the shoot. She even created a PowerPoint presentation to go through the different poses and moods I have proposed. (Which I am very impressed with.)

Shooting with young children is never easy, especially toddlers, as they are complete wild cards. Depending on their mood on the day, the shoot can either go incredibly well or an absolute disaster.

Because of Iris's sweet and approachable personality, both my boys were drawn to her immediately, making the shoot a lot easier and smoother.

What is Fine Art Lifestyle Photography

So you may be thinking what is the difference between Fine Art Lifestyle Photography and normal photography. What makes Fine Art Lifestyle Photography so special? Here is how Iris describes it:

I would say "Fine Art Lifestyle Photography" is more staged as it's created with a vision of the photographer as an artist. While I do see photography as my own creative outlet, I also understand the value of authenticity. Therefore, I prefer the "Fine Art Lifestyle" approach that focuses on portraying "a slice of your life". It's a combination of documentary and classic portraiture, and it's definitely more than just smiling at the camera! On one hand, I like to spend time and get to know my clients as we create the visions and scenes together for the photoshoot. At the same time, most of my sessions are kids-driven, and we would just go with the flow. It's about capturing those candid emotions, movements, and moments with your kids that tell your unique family stories.

What I Love Most About Fine Art Lifestyle Photography

Each image captured is like a work of art. The images are soulful, deep, and full of emotions. That is why I love Fine Art Lifestyle Photography. It has a more Artist approach to it than normal family portraits. The way the image is framed is more artist and interesting.

I cannot wait until I can develop some of these images and get them framed. I loved each and every one of them, and I am honestly having a hard time choosing which ones to develop as I love all of them. LOL

How To Book Your Session With Iris

Want to book a session with Iris Cheung Photography? Click here to get started.

As a bonus for my readers, when you book your Maternity / Family sessions booked from now till the end of September 2021, you will get 4 complimentary matt prints (5.5"x7.5"). How great is that! Click here to get the promo code now.

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx

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Hair & Makeup: JUST Animage

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