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Positive Parenting Mindset: One simple word can completely change your parenting style

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Words, they have weight, and they are powerful things. Sometimes all you need to change your mindset is by changing one word. Next time when you feel like you "have to" do something for your child. Change the word "have" to "get".

So instead of: I have to accompany my son to playgroup t

Change it to: I get to accompany my son to playgroup today.

Just one simple word, that is all it takes to change the narrative. By doing so, you will feel less frustrated, be more patient and, as a result, be less irritated and yell less at your kids.

The truth is, none of us wants to yell at our kids. Why would we? We love them, but we are also human. We have emotions and moods, but we can also learn to control them. Change the way we think and see the positive side of things. 😊

My Personal Experience

There have been times when I have resented motherhood. It is not my proudest moment, but it is also the truth. It is not because I don't love my boys, but because I feel like I am being pulled in so many different directions and "have to" do some many things that I don't even know where to begin.

It can feel very overwhelming and at times, feel like I am being buried under my never-ending to-do list. That is when the feeling of resentment begins.

At times like these, I can either wallow in self-pity (which you are allowed to do), or change the narrative. So after feeling sorry for myself for a bit, I decided I need to change the narrative. Because no matter how much I feel sorry for myself, motherhood continues. So I choose to change the one thing that I can control, my mindset. By simply adjusting my approach to my daily chores from I "have to" to I "get to", made a difference instantly.

So instead of thinking:

  • I have to take the boys out again.

  • I have to put the boys down for a nap.

  • I have to bath the boys.

  • I have to take Joshua to playgroup.

  • I have to feed the boys.

I changed it to:

  • I get to take the boys out again.

  • I get to put the boys down for a nap.

  • I get to bath the boys.

  • I get to take Joshua to playgroup.

  • I get to feed the boys.

Just simply changing one word, the whole sentence has a more positive spin to it. I find it very helpful to say it out loud too, to get my brain to process it differently.

Even though changing the word from I "have to" to I "get to" doesn't change the amount of things I have to do throughout the day, but it makes it less of a drag. It allows me to enjoy the process rather than resent it.

Children grow up so fast, and I would rather enjoy every moment I have with them than feeling like it is a chore. Because you never know when the thing that you dread most in doing every day, will be the last time you get to do it.

So start changing the narrative today, you will see a difference immediately.

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx


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