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My Maternity Shoot with Makin Lab

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

You know when you look at photos of yourself, and you wish you look that good every day? That is how I feel about my photos from my maternity shoot by Makin Lab.

Even during this pandemic, I was determined to have a maternity shoot. Why? Because once this moment has passed, I won't be able to get back again. And since this will be my last pregnancy, I definitely want to capture it. I also don't want my second to feel left out when he is older and thinks he is less important because mummy didn't bother doing a shoot to document his pregnancy. (I want to be as fair as possible, even before this little one is born.)

Meet Makin Lab

Makin lab is founded by married couple Sandy and Kinson. They are the perfect duo, where Sandy is the talented Hair and Makeup artist, while Kinson is the virtuoso behind the camera.  

Behind the scene photo at the end of the shoot.

Their style is natural, bright, and clean - just the way I like my photographs. I love photoshoots that are natural because when you look back at them, they still look like you, just a more polished and refined version of yourself.

I have never been one for heavy makeup, but I do love it when I get professional hair and makeup done. (After all, I don't have time to do proper makeup anymore. My version of makeup nowadays is just to put on some powder to cover my dark circles and a bit of blush so I don't look so tired.) So getting professional makeup done and looking pretty is a real treat.

To me, the definition of a good makeup artist is to elevate your natural beauty without going overboard. Sandy's makeup was light and natural, she brightened up my eyes (so this mama don't look so tired), and even out my skin so I have a better complexion.

Like most artist, Kinson is a man of few words and let his work speaks for himself. However, he is very good at giving directions. When you are in front of the camera, you rely on the person behind the camera to direct you, as you have no idea what you look like behind the lens. So giving precise and clear instructions is key for a good client and photographer relationship.

I have a tendency to slouch. (A bad habit that I have been trying to correct for years.) Slouching is probably one of the worst thing to do in front of the camera, as you look wider and rounder. (Unless you are a model and can make slouching look avant-garde!) So it was good to have someone remind you during the shoot to stop slouching. Also from all the photoshoots I have done, I have noticed the smallest shift in movement can make a big impact on camera. How you stand, how you position your hands and arms can make you look very different on the lens, so it is important to have a photographer who can direct you to get the best photos.

My Final Thoughts

I am very pleased with the results, I think they turned out even better than I imagine. This set of photos are definitely something I would treasure for the rest of my life, and I cannot wait to get some of them printed out and framed.

I was particularly impressed with Kinson's skill to capture Joshua, as he was not on top form that day! Shooting with children is always difficult, as they are complete wild cards. Some days they are great, and some days they are a nightmare to work with. The day we were shooting, Joshua was not having a good shoot day. Even though we made sure he was well-rested and well-fed, he just wasn't very cooperative. He was wiggling a lot and wasn't responding well to bribes. I really wanted more shots with Joshua that day, but he was being a complete daddy's boy that day, and not showing Mama much love. So I was lucky to even get one decent shot with Joshua.

Even though the location wasn't the easiest to get to, like most beautiful outdoor locations in Hong Kong (there was one part of the trial that I wasn't too sure I was able to get up on), it was well worth it for the result. To me, it is always worth it to go that extra mile for that dream photo.

But for those who are not as crazy as me, and would prefer a more comfortable setting. Makin Lab also offers beautiful indoor studio shoots as well. You can check out their portfolio on their Instagram and Facebook.

If you would like to contact them for a booking, please message them on IG, or WhatsApp Sandy on +852 6403 9654.

We hope you like these photos as much as we do.

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx

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