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Medela Symphony - Is It Worth It?

Breastfeeding - some mum loves it, some mum hates it, and the majority of us just hope we have enough supply to feed our baby. One way to help and ensure we keep our supply up or at least maintain the same is via pumping.

There are so many different pumps out on the market, and it is so hard to know which one you should buy. (Especially when you cannot try them out before you buy them.) So a lot of the time, we base our decision on reviews and other people's experiences.

I have used different pumps during my breastfeeding journey with both Joshua and Jasper, and I have to say, having a good pump to start off with makes such a big difference. That is why I love the Medela Symphony.

Why it is worth getting or renting the Medela Symphony

Ok ok, I know what you must think. "But the Medela Symphony is so expensive, is it worth it?" The long and short of it - is yes. Out of all the pumps I have tried, I definitely managed to pump out the most breastmilk with the Medela Symphony. (Plus it is also the most comfortable.)

One of the biggest difference between my breastfeeding journey with the two boys is the pump I started off with.

With Joshua, I started off with the Youha The One. It wasn't until Joshua was around 5 months old that I switched to the Medela Symphony. The Youha is a good pump, as it is economical, compact, and light. However, I never managed to pump out as much compared with the Medela Symphony. I also found that it wasn't as comfortable, and when I first used it, it was way too strong. It took a bit of trial and error before I managed to find a comfortable setting.

With Jasper, I have only used the Medela Symphony, and my pumping journey was more enjoyable. For one, pumping was more comfortable, and secondly, I was pumping out a lot more breastmilk from the get go.

Most people say your breastmilk kicks in a lot sooner with your second because your body already knows what to expect, and I will stay that is true. However, the amount of breastmilk you produce with your second, based on my different mama friends' experience, varies. Some say they have more supply, some say less, some say around the same, so I think it depends on your body type and your breastfeeding journey.

So I was very pleasantly surprised when I am producing more breastmilk and much quicker this time around. For the first two weeks with Joshua, I was only pumping around 70ml - 90ml each time. So when I am pumping around 150 - 200ml with Jasper for the first two weeks, I was ecstatic! One of the main differences between the two experiences was because I started off with a good pump.

The Pros and Cons of the Medela Symphony


  • It is more comfortable. The suction and pressure feel very different depending on the pump you are using. With the Medela Symphony, it is powerful without hurting your nipples.

  • I pump out more milk compared to the other pumps. (Main reason why I love it!)

  • I don't have to pump as long. This is a big one for me. With the Medela Symphony, I only need to pump for 15-20 mins (25 mins max), and I will be able to pump out all the milk. I will need to pump for around 30-45 mins for the same result with the other pumps. And we all know how precious time is when you have children. Every minute you counts!

  • You can rent the Medela Symphony. If you are unsure how long your breastfeeding journey may be or if you want to try it before buying one, you can always rent it.


  • It is big and bulky, so this pump is good for home use only. If you have a place in your office to store it and use it, that will work too. But it isn't a pump that you will bring out with you.

  • It isn't cheap. If you are planning on buying, this pump isn't cheap, but if you plan to be pumping for a long time or plan to have more than one kid, it is more than worth it. (You do use it multiple times a day, and for months, in not years.)

If you would like to find out more about renting or buying the Medela Symphony, please go to

I will be doing a follow up post about how I use my pump to help with my breastfeeding journey. So stay tuned for my upcoming post.

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx

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