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Happy 1 Month Joshie!

Joshua is now one month old! I can't believe it has already been a month since this little fella came into our lives. It has been an absolute joy watching Joshua grow this past month, but both my husband and I are absolutely shattered! I don't think I have ever miss sleeping so much in my life.

Maybe it's because I love sleeping, but even with the help of a confinement lady and a cleaner, I am still drained and sleep deprived. I have new found respect for mothers everywhere who manage to do it all without any help. There are times I wish I had extra arms like the Hindu goddess Durga so I can do multiple things at the same time.

For those who have been following my blog, you know how badly I have wanted to be a mother for so long, so I have fully braced myself for sleep deprivation, a crying baby, breastfeeding, dirty diapers and the whole lot, but the lack of sleep and time has hit me hard. Before I had Joshua, there were days that I thought 24 hours wasn't enough, now that he is here, 24 hours is definitely not enough.

It has been a massive learning curve this past month, where I am constantly adapting and thinking on my feet. Just when I thought I have found a rhythm to things, Joshua would throw me a curveball, and I have readjust all over again.

Looking back, even though it has been hard and exhausting, we have actually been quite lucky as Joshua isn't a very difficult baby. He sleeps really well, and his digestive system is good, our biggest challenge is feeding him as he is quite a slow and fussy eater. So it does try my patience when it comes to the night feeds and breastfeeding, but on the grand scheme of things, he is a pretty good baby.

My biggest challenge this month has been:

  • Breastfeeding

  • Lack of sleep and broken sleep

  • Boob pain

  • Sore and sensitive nipples

  • Not being able to spend time with hubby

  • Huge outgoings

My biggest challenge for the past month has definitely been breastfeeding and the lack of sleep. Breastfeeding is tough, it is for me anyway. I have always thought breastfeeding should be easy as it is one of the most natural things in the world, but it is a lot harder than it looks. Maybe because Joshua is a fussy eater and he keeps pushing my boob away when I am trying to feed him or pulls my nipples, there are times I get very frustrated and just want to give up. I feel like my boobs have been used and abused for the past month, that is for sure.

The broken sleep is another challenge I know every new parent struggles with and can relate to. When you are used to a continuous 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day and all of a sudden you only have an hour or two of sleep at a time, it is hard. Now, whenever I can and have a minute, I sleep. That is my biggest hobby at the moment. lol

Quality time with hubby has been the thing of the past. One thing I missed the most this past month has been spending time with hubby. Even when we are both home, we are continually playing tag team to take care of Joshua, I feel like I have barely seen him or talked to him. I cannot wait until he is slightly older and we can organise a date night. Although if we are both this tired, we might just pass out on the sofa and called it a great date night.

My bank account had a big hit as well this past month. The amount of online shopping I have had to do is crazy, and no it is not for shoes or clothes, it has all been for baby related stuff. Whether it is for extra baby laundry detergent, or spare breast pump parts, it has been a non-stop baby shopping spree on the internet. When people say mother's money is the easiest to earn, it is true. No matter how many reviews you have read, what works brilliantly for some people might not work for you and your baby, so a lot of the time it is down to trial and error.


  • Seeing Joshua smile

  • Newborn shoots

  • Cuddle time with Joshua

  • When my husband and I feed and change Joshua together

  • Family bonding time

Even though it has been tough, it is also gratifying too. Every time I see Joshua's little face, especially his cheeky little smile, I just melt, making all the mid night feeds and diaper changes all worth it.

From the first day that I met him to now, he has changed so much already, and it has been lovely seeing him grow. From a small little thing who can barely open his eyes to this wide-eyed boy staring up at you, it is pretty amazing.

My favorite moments so far have all been the little things, such as cuddle time with Joshua, or seeing my husband bond with him. It is true what people say, there is nothing sexier than seeing your husband become a great father.

Last but not least, the newborn shoots. Photos are like time capsules that you can look back on to remember those treasured memories. I am so glad I did the newborn shoots, and I try to take photos of Joshua every day. Babies grow up so fast, and I just want to make sure I document every bit of it every step on the way.

Has your first month of parenthood been as challenging and rewarding as mine? Please leave me a comment to share your experience.

Sending you love and positive vibe,

Christine xxx

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