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Breast Pump Review Vlog

If you are planning to be a breastfeeding mum or a pump mum, you will be using a breast pump at some point in your motherhood journey.

I was mainly a pump mum because Joshua didn't breastfeed well. So having a good pump was essential. I have been lucky enough to have tried 3 different types of breast pumps, and here is my review.

Medela Symphony

I found this pump most comfortable out of the three, and I think it is a great one to have or rent if you are a first-time mum. (Especially if you are mainly a pump mum.) The wide range of pressure settings enables you to build up your tolerance to the suction gradually, as it really does take time to get used to. I remember the first time I used a breast pump it was the weirdest feeling on earth and can be quite painful if the suction is too hard.

Why I love the Medela Symphony

  • It is comfortable

  • I pump more breastmilk with this pump

  • Wide range of pressure settings

  • You can rent this instead of buying one

  • Hospital-grade

  • Closed-system pump, which block breastmilk from going into the pump, so it is safe to share with others.

Things to be aware of

  • It is expensive

  • It is heavy and bulky

  • Home use only

  • Need to be plugged in to use

Where you can rent it:

You can rent it from Celki, they are doing a promotion right now with rental plans starting at $466 a month. They even offer delivery service, so you don't even have to go to their store to pick it up.

To rent, simply call up one of their stores 1 - 2 weeks in advance and one of their staff can help you.

Youha The One

This entry-level breast pump is a great one to get if you are on a budget or unsure if you want to breastfeed or not. Breastfeeding isn't for everyone, and it is ok. However, I know most mum would at least like to try so this is the perfect pump for the purpose.

It is economical, light, and compact. I bring it out with me and definitely the pump of my choice when I travel. It is small and relatively quiet. The only thing to be careful of is start off in the lowest setting and work your way up, as this pump is quite strong.

Why I love the Youha

  • Small and Compact

  • Light

  • Great to Travel with

  • Very Economical

Things to be aware of

  • The pressure is quite strong, so start off in the lowest setting and work your way up.

Haakaa Silicone Breastpumps

This manual breast pump is a nifty pump for those who like it quiet. All electronic pumps make some sort of noise, it just depends on if it is quieter or louder. The good thing about these silicone pumps is they are silent as they use the suction of the squeezed out air to draw the breastmilk out. The downside is, it is slower than the electronic pumps.

However, they are great if you have limited space in your bag, as they are light, compact, and silent. So they are more discrete.

Why I love the Haakaa

  • It is light

  • It is compact

  • It is silent

  • Great to travel with

  • They are very economical

Things to be aware of

  • It works slower than the electronic pumps.

  • Make sure the suction is good, or else it will fall off.

  • You will need to buy two of them, as they are sold separately.

There are a lot of other brands out there too that I have also heard good things about, such as Spectra. I have never tried it, but a few of my friends used them and they all really liked it.

To hear more of my personal experience, please click out my Vlog above.

I hope you find this post helpful and useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts and your experience with me. I would love to hear about it.

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx

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