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Boho Baby & Kids - the100% natural baby clothing brand that you will love

You know the saying "Mum knows best" - it is true. That is why I love companies that are run by momtrepreneurs. Any product created by mums for their kids, you know a lot of love and thoughts have gone into it. After all, all mums want the best for their babies, so why would the product they produce be any different.   That is why I love Boho Baby and Kids, a natural baby clothing brand run by two mums, Devy and Irene. They wanted to create an affordable baby and childrenswear brand, crafted in 100% cotton with basic timeless designs. With this strong vision and passion in mind, they create Boho Baby & Kids.  

Their philosophy An eco-conscious brand that respects Mother Nature, I do love companies that are eco-friendly conscious because, after all there is only one earth. So it is our duty to take care of it, for our children's future.   With this in mind, they do not use any plastic packaging; the only packaging they use is a Canvas bag when you purchase their product.   All their products are made out of 100% cotton, so they are biodegradable and breathable, which is great for your baby's skin. Their fabric is also not too thick, making it ideal for the hot weather in Hong Kong. 

Why I love Boho Baby & Kids

I was very drawn to their designs because it is so hard to find this style of baby and childrenswear design in Asia. I love their warm colour tones and timeless design with a hint of retro flair. I come from a fashion background, so I really appreciate good quality and designs.   I have been very fortunate and was given a lot of hand-me-downs from friends and gifts from family, so up until now, I barely had to buy any clothes for Joshua. So when I do buy clothes for Joshua, I am quite particular.   I like toddler clothes that are simple and practical, and of course instagrammable - this is very important.  (Afterall, I do write a blog, so I do want my photos to look nice.)  Something that I can mix and match, with a good fit and made in a comfortable fabric.   I love how they have created a series of basic silhouettes and designs with a wide color range to choose from. Most of their styles are unisex, which is excellent if you have a boy and a girl. So the younger sibling can still wear hand-me-downs without feeling it is gender-specific. Although they do have some adorable girl style. I just wish I have a daughter so I can dress her up in them.   Here are some of my favorite pieces from Boho Baby & Kids for Joshua:

If I had a daughter, I would love to get her this:

Boho baby and Kids are available on their website They offer free worldwide shipping for orders over US$75. If you do buy any clothes from Boho baby & kids, please tag me on IG or Facebook. I would love to see your little one in these beautiful clothing as well.   Sending you love & positive thoughts, Christine xxx

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