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Malabar Baby - Made by Artists, Used by Mothers

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

When a lot of love and care goes into a brand and products, it shines through. From the artboard to beautiful prints, Malabar Baby is a true product of love.

Photo Credit: Malabar Baby

Founded by momtrepreneur Anjali Harjani, she wanted to create a beautiful lifestyle brand for babies and children made of the highest possible quality at an affordable price point.

They have two different styles of prints. A whimsical fantasy style for their baby and children range, and an ethnic charm style for their more versatile products. Perfect for mums who love a bit of bohemian chic and unique handmade touch.

All their products are made from soft and organic cotton, sourced from the best manufacturers across India and China, ensuring that their end products are smooth and gentle against your baby's skin.

Photo Credit: Malabar Baby

A Brand That Cares

Malabar Baby is a brand that cares, not only about their customers, but about the environment and people who produce their products too. The factory they use is owned by women (Go girl power!), where staffs are paid fairly, respected, and work in good conditions. They are a leading member of 'Jaipur Bloc', whose partners include the UK charity Traidcraft and the European Commission's 'Switch Asia' programme, with the mission to "promote the production and consumption of textiles from Rajasthan that are both environmentally friendly and positively impact on poor workers and their communities."

Their passion for giving back does not stop there; they support Mother's Choice, a local charity in Hong Kong serving children without families, whose vision is to see every child in a loving family.

More and more baby brands are now focusing on designing their products not just for babies but for mothers as well. (After all, we are the ones using it, so why shouldn't it be designed with our taste in mind.)

Malabar Baby has fast become one of my favourite baby brands. Their delicate, elegant designs and soft, gentle fabric is perfect for both Mamas and babies. I am a strong believer in buying products that are good quality and something that you truly love so they will last, and Malabar Baby ticks all the boxes. Their products are well made, and I love their style. These are the products that I would love as keepsakes even after Joshua and Jasper have outgrown them and pass them on to my grandchildren.

What I Love Most About Malabar Baby

Prints and Fabric

I love that their prints are not too "baby". Their watercolour illustrated and block prints are feminine and whimsical with an ethical charm. The fabrics they use are super soft, lightweight, and breathable, ideal against your baby's soft and sensitive skin.

Your baby's skin is thin and delicate; they are prone to rashes and are sensitive to almost everything. From the minute your baby is born, they are in constant contact with fabric, from the clothes they wear to the swaddle and bedding they snuggle up to, so why not give your baby the best by embracing them with the most natural and gentle materials.

Here are some of my favourite prints:

My Favourite Piece

Out of all the pieces I have tried from Malabar Baby, my favourite is their Erawan Cotton Dohar Receiving blanket. I love the design, and the blanket is just the right weight, not too thick and not too thin. Made from 3 layers of soft cotton fabric, this blanket is light and breathable, perfect for Hong Kong weather.

Jasper has never been a swaddled baby, as he prefers his arm being up when he sleeps, so when he naps during the day, I used this blanket to keep him warm. It is the perfect thickness for a mild AC room, plus I don't have to worry about him suffocating because the material is breathable. (Jasper moves his arms around quite a bit when he sleeps. So I only use blankets made from breathable fabrics in case he accidentally cover his face with the blanket.)

Joshua seems to be a fan of this blanket too, but he likes to wear it as a cape rather than using it as a blanket.

They Make Great Gifts

They have a wide variety of different products, from swaddles, beddings, to mummy and daughter twinning dresses. Malabar Baby has a lovely range of products suited for different stages of your motherhood journey. You are bound to find something in their collection as a gift for a friend or your gift registry.

What's more? All their products are beautifully wrapped in their signature printed tissue paper, so you don't even have to wrap it. (How great is that!)

Want to check out their products? You can shop their collection on

Thank you very much for reading my brand review today. I hope you enjoyed the post. Is there any other brands you would like me to review on? If so, please let me know.

Sending you love & positive thoughts,

Christine xxx


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